The Walking Dead Morgan
The Walking Dead: Morgan\'s journey was chronicled in episode four of season six, Here\'s Not Here AMC/Fox

It has taken six seasons but The Walking Dead's most elusive character finally got his time to shine in episode four, Here's Not Here. After three weeks of intense action, viewers got an insight into how Morgan became the man he is today and what happened on his journey before the lone-ranger reunited with Rick Grimes at Alexandria.

Providing a much-needed breather after Glenn's (apparent) death and the Wolves' attack, the zombie series slowed the pace to follow Morgan, played by Lennie James, as he travelled the desolate road alone. Albeit without the back-to-back action viewers have been treated to in recent weeks, episode four was nonetheless quite stunning. After the death of his son Dwayne, Morgan decided to snub any type of companionship and became a truly crumbled man.

However, what Morgan lacks in communication skills he makes up for in his ferocious will to survive, "clearing" any man or woman that unfortunately crossed his path. That was until he met Eastman, played by the incredible John Carroll Lynch, a fellow lone-ranger who had set-up home in an isolated house in the middle of the woods.

Neither man trusted the other at first – Eastman locking his captive in a cell while Morgan promised to kill his new foe. After a pretty comical tumble around the house as one tried to kill the other, the two men called a truce and what developed was a truly beautiful friendship.

Eastman had experienced his fair share of heartache prior to the zombie apocalypse – the psychiatrist suffered the murders of his wife and children by a client who escaped from prison purely to wipe out his family. Somehow in this new world, Eastman has found peace and lives an admirable zen-like existence.

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His attitude towards life is the complete opposite to that of Morgan, who is in destructive mode but by some miracle, Eastman manages to get through. Morgan's complete transformation during his time spent with Eastman completely explains why he struggled to kill the Wolves when they unleashed terror on Alexandria in episode two. Both he and Eastman have resigned themselves to a new life where they kill no one.

It looked as though Morgan and Eastman would have each other for company living their blissful existence – as blissful as life can be in a zombie apocalypse – but this was not to be as Eastman gets bitten by a stray walker. Eastman's fate was kind of the fault of Morgan, who froze when he realised the walker was a person he had killed before.

Flash forward to present-day and it seems Morgan is still battling between the idea of life and death. The survivor is trying to mentor a member of the Wolves whose life he spared during the attack but with the captive threatening to kill the Alexandrians when he breaks free, it could easily be a bad case of judgment on Morgan's part.

Although it was not the first time viewers were treated to a standalone episode focused on Morgan – note Clear in season three – Here's Not Here was much-needed in further exploring what exactly happened to Morgan after all that time away and it was executed beautifully.