Dave In Charge
Dave In Charge performing in the video for Habitat YouTube

Dave In Charge is the rapping grandson of Liberal Democrat Lord Palmer of Childs Hill.

In March he released the video for his latest track Habitat and he's since become something of an internet sensation with many classing him as the "worst rapper of all time".

Dave Palmer spoke to the Telegraph about the video, his rap career, the abuse he's received and being a bit posh – but first you should probably watch/bear witness to the video itself.

On what Habitat means, Dave In Charge says: "Habitat is about our vulnerability to nature and nature's vulnerability to us. The style is inspired by Mike Skinner and The Streets. I believe that we should be green when possible and we should recycle and keep in mind our habitat."

Describing what's going in the video, Dave says: "The painting bit happens and you wonder what it means – is he really in that painting? Was this just a fantasy? But then reality hits and there's an earthquake. And we're reminded of our vulnerability to nature."

Some of Habitat's lyrics include: "When we're finding fossils in great depths, Mutation shows the world, has progressed, Will we have our time, what's next? Wait till natural selection, The end of our session"

Dave In Charge

With around 80,000 views on YouTube and climbing, Dave In Charge has received his fair share of abuse from critics. "Despite a lot of negativity in the press," he says. "It seems to have all worked in my favour. Without the controversy, people wouldn't necessarily be watching the video. I've created my own style and it's controversial.

"My background is controversial. I'm enjoying the controversy. It's fun to watch people debate it and make up stories at me. It's all positive towards spreading my message."

On his website Dave describes himself as "an emerging Conscious Rap artist who grips your attention with epiphanies and sentiments as he unravels what we take for granted. As Dave's quirky mould-breaking delivery and content upsets the status quo, he challenges preconceptions of who you might expect to be a rap artist and also what a rap song can be about".

Dave In Charge says he's currently at work on a debut album entitled Pangaea.