Sharkeisha made headlines after a video of her sucker-punching another girl in the face went viral.

An American teenager has become an overnight sensation after sucker punching an unsuspecting victim during a brutal attack.

Sharkeisha is the 'star' from the Instagram fight video which captured her punching another girl, apparently named Shay, in the face and kicking her in the chest once she had dropped to the ground.

In the clip she has to be restrained by another young woman as her victim lies on the ground, protecting her head with her hands.

Although the identity of Sharkeisha has not yet been confirmed, numerous Twitter and Facebook users have identified the attacker Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson from North Carolina.

Twitter user @LilButtSHAR, who describes herself on her bio as someone who doesn't "take s**t from nobody!!!!" has also claimed that she is the now infamous Sharkeisha.

Within hours of her declaration, her Twitter followers jumped to 20,000.

But while the violent-assailant is reportedly revelling in her new found fame, what do we already know about her?

Sharkeisha Facts

    • Sharkeisha is allegedly Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson from North Carolina
    • The brutal altercation was allegedly over a boy. In the video clip she can be heard screaming: "Who were you trying to f**k" after attacking the victim.
    • According to unconfirmed reports, she was arrested by police and subsequently released on $500 bond, after authorities caught wind of the violent video. A mug shot is making their rounds online.
    • The name Sharkeisha is allegedly a combination of her father's name, which is Shamar and her mother's name Keisha.
    • She now has her entry in the Urban Dictionary: ( Char kee shuh ) Verb. 1. To Punch The Soul From Another Being's Body. "She Sharkeisha 'd That H*e!"
    • Sharkeisha is allegedly also at the centre of a suicide investigation and is being blamed for driving the victim to kill themselves.