JTG, in a recent interview with Hannibal TV, revealed an incident when a furious John Cena "chewed out" him and Shad Gaspard. The ex WWE star said that the 16-time world champion was upset after what transpired when the former tag team duo squared off with Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade.

JTG, whose real name is Jayson Anthony Paul, said 'The Cenation Leader' "let us both have it" after the duo's agent Barry Windham was through yelling at Gaspard in the WWE locker room for embarrassing the referee in the fight.

"We hit our finisher on the ref, and Shad took his shirt and belt off and tossed it into the crowd," he said as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

"They didn't like that in the back, we got a lot of heat for that. Our agent Barry Windham told Shad, he didn't speak to me because it wasn't me that had the problem, he called Shad to the back of the locker room and yelled at him, then when he came out of being yelled at by my agent Barry Windham, John Cena let him have it. He let us both have it."

JTG said his tag team partner saw "the eye contact or exchange of body language between the referee and the tag team [Murdoch and Cade]", before he was counted out in the fight.

"We did a thing where I would almost get counted out, and I'd roll back in at eight. Then he said '7, 8, 9, 10!'" he said. "The audience picked up on it and they started chanting 'This is bullsh*t.'"

He added the change in finish to the fight led to the duo's release from the wrestling entertainment company. "On the way back John Laurinaitis called us, let us have it, then we got released at RAW."

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