High-net-worth individuals are increasing worldwide, and the U.K. is no exception. The desire to protect these assets has led them to seek offshore jurisdictions like Wyoming in the U.S. The laws of Wyoming offer several ways to shelter their assets from high taxes and protect them with its strong privacy laws.

The movement of wealth to protect it is not a new concept, and there are many tax havens for wealthy individuals. Over two decades, Wyoming state lawmakers have supported the state laws that have made it a trusted destination for asset protection. Adam Hofri-Winogradow, a Hebrew University of Jerusalem law professor and expert on trusts indicated in this study that Wyoming is among the most attractive U.S. trust jurisdictions for the world's wealthy.

Those with extreme wealth can choose between two types of private trust companies in the state; one is a regulated trust and the other unregulated. Under Wyoming law, unregulated trust companies offer a higher degree of privacy because, thanks to Wyoming law, they operate outside state supervision.

Why U.K. HNWI's Look To Wyoming State
Why U.K. HNWI's Look To Wyoming State For Asset Protection Pixabay

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Wyoming – A Discreet Financial Center

Anyone can use asset protection trusts to protect their assets, not just the wealthy. Asset protection trusts are designed to safeguard against bankruptcy, lawsuits and are popularly used instead of a prenuptial agreement.

According to Wyoming Trust and LLC Attorney, for several years now, HNWIs from the U.K. have favorably viewed Wyoming for the increased protection it provides for their assets. This protection includes favorable laws, American citizenship is not a protection prerequisite, and the state allows the creation of anonymous companies.

Asset Protection Strategies

For HNWIs, Wyoming asset protection trusts are easy to create. This insurance of their assets allows them to keep control, protects them from all types of asset-threatening situations, and they don't even need to visit the state.

Benefits of a Wyoming Trust

A trust is a contractual agreement that resembles a formal business entity. When an attorney drafts your trust, it is not registered with the government, assuring its anonymity. An appointed trustee then manages the trust and its assets. Depending on the asset protection required, the client and attorney decide on a trustee. A trustee can be someone from a public trust company or a private trust company.

Wyoming Trust and LLC Attorney explain that an asset protection trust consists of the settlor or the trust's creator who places the assets in it. It also must have a beneficiary who benefits from the assets; the settlor can also be a beneficiary in a self-settled trust. Finally, the trustee is the manager who ensures the trust's proper management. Once placed in the trusts, complete protection of the assets is guaranteed.

Therefore the trust offers asset protection, and asset umbrella insurance is not needed anymore. Under the Wyoming Principal and Income Allocation Act, IRC 643 allows some of the trust's income to be allocated for expenses; this can reduce the trust's taxes by up to 30%. Trusts also allow for the reduction of money paid on self-earned wages and other tax-deductible payments like captive insurance.

Private Trust Company

Owners of one or more family trusts can create a Private Trust Company to act as a trustee in Wyoming. A Private Trust Company allows them to ensure their other trusts are properly run and maintained. Therefore, they have a higher level of control, are assured privacy, and are efficient in acting quickly in changing circumstances. Private Trust Companies file articles with the Secretary of State and only receive Banking Commission approval after specifying the trustee services are not for the general public. These have similar documents and maintenance as LLCs or companies, including annual meetings, reports, and registered agents.

Wyoming LLCs and Corporations

Once created, holding companies and subsidiaries are often used to enhance the asset protection trust. Holding companies allow domicile flexibility because they are neither location-dependent nor do they engage in operations, making Wyoming LLCs and Corporations very popular with Europeans and U.K. businesses.

Bank Account

Keeping the underlying assets of an asset protection trust safe is very important to ensure the whole asset protection strategy is complete. U.S. banks are not a wrong choice, but they don't provide additional asset protection.

One of the most favorable jurisdictions for HNWI's to have a bank account is the international destination of Switzerland, and advisers at Wyoming Trust & LLC Attorney agree with them.

Switzerland is known for its stable economy, solid judicial system, strong currency, and reliable political environment. Political stability, independence, and its neutral stance have kept this Alpine country among the top banking destinations for private investors that want a safe place to keep their deposits and other assets.

Deciding on the right Swiss bank to place assets in and preserve them requires intense research. The best Swiss banks have a long tradition of offering peace of mind with their excellent SEC-registered Swiss investment advisor (SEC RIA) services for excellent asset management and returns.

For HNWIs, Switzerland is an excellent choice because it is not a European Union member and is geographically positioned for easy access from all corners of the globe.

Swiss banks continue their tradition of offering top-class banking and wealth management services under the country's stable legal system, making them the first choice for anyone seeking custodial services.

Switzerland has upheld its banking and wealth management traditions for generations. The Swiss franc is one of the oldest currencies and continues to remain strong. The stable political environment and its uncompromising legal system ensure Swiss banking remains popular for its custodial services.

Final Take

Trusts, corporations, LLCs, and Swiss Bank accounts are just some of the measures businesses and the wealthy use to preserve their assets from creditors, lawsuits, bankruptcies, high taxes, and divorce. This way, their wealth stays in their families for generations, benefitting the beneficiaries.