Jeremy Meeks
Thousands of women are obsessed with bad boy Jeremy Meeks Stockton Police Department

In a typical case of women not being able to resist a 'bad boy' thousands are still taking to social media to admit that they can't help but find convicted felon Jeremy Meeks utterly appealing.

Meeks, 30, has stolen the hearts of women around the world after police put his mugshot on Facebook following his arrest for firearms offences in Stockton, California.

His blue eyes, and chiselled features has attracted a legion of devoted female fans as well as attention from various modelling agencies who are keen to sign him.

While I believe Meeks is certainly a very attractive young man and I am all for criminals having the opportunity to be rehabilitated, I find the obsession society has with glamourising bad behaviour somewhat troubling.

Isn't the fact that Meeks has now reached the heights of internet fame overnight just for being a good looking criminal a bit shallow?

According to California-based agency Blaze Models, Meeks, who has a collection of tattoos and a bad boy image could make anything from $15-30K a month by working with top fashion houses because the 'gangster chic' is very 'in' right now.

Cultivating a bad-boy image soley for the purpose of magazine covers, cat-walk shows and films is entirely harmless as the creative industries will always exploit the look of the moment, however, because the media have perpetuated the bad-boy image as being ideal the lines have become blurred and women are now enamoured with real criminals.

In Meeks' case, being a real criminal and also being attractive has been declared by thousands of women on Twitter as fuelling their desire for him. They labelled him a "sexy criminal" and said "who doesn't like a bad boy"

Some devoted fans even went as far as to urge like-minded women to get together and raise money to secure his release.

What was particularly disturbing is that Meeks has ruffled the feathers of some women to the point that they have dubbed him 'the panty dissolving felon' and have urged him to break into their houses "rob them any day and do bad things to them".

The fact that women are willing to put themselves in risky situations to get close to a criminal is troubling but it shows the powerful appeal a bad boy has.

A recent study led by Gregory Louis Carter of the University of Durham attempted to explain the perplexing phenomen and found that men who possess 'dark triad' personality traits such as 'dominance, narcissism, psycopathy and Machiavellism" are extremely attractive to women for short-term relationships. The women expressed interest in more stable loving partners for long-term relationships.

Women should be celebrating, praising and glamourising the good guys. The guys who are honest, hard-working and do not break the law. Where are the sexy law-abiding doctors and engineers?