Wilko Johnson was diagnosed with cancer and told he has less than one year to live (Reuters)
Wilko Johnson was diagnosed with cancer and told he has less than one year to live (Reuters)

An online petition has been set up to stop touts "cashing in on cancer" by selling tickets for Wilko Johnson's farewell tour at inflated prices.

Owners of the Robin 2 music venue in Bilston set up the petition to stop resellers making a profit from the final tour of the terminally ill Dr Feelgood guitarist.

Jonson, 65, has refused chemotherapy after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. He subsequently announced a series of gigs in what was considered to be the final UK tour of the cult 1970s guitarist.

A campaign has now been set up which will attempt to stop the "disgusting behaviour" of ticket touts reselling tickets for Johnson's now sold-out tour for as much as £150.

The petition reads: "Having found out that Wilko Johnson's last farewell tour was being exploited by e-ticket companies, touts and greedy "entrepreneurs" I wish to stop these people exploiting the general public, musicians, venues and agents.

"Wilko has terminal cancer and is doing one last farewell tour in March. All of these venues have had mulitple ticket sales bought by companies and are reselling them for outrageous profits. For example, one ticket at The Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton would have cost just £17.50, Viagogo are selling the same ticket for £167.25.

"This is just sickening. My aim is to gather as many signatures as possible and present the petition to the government/media to ban companies from this disgusting behaviour and create other "fairtrade" companies that will resell tickets for people that cannot make that gig for personal reasons at the ticket face value plus postage."

A spokeswoman for the Robin 2 added: "The lack of conscience in these touts really sickens us. To exploit the fans at such a level is unbelievable."

A venue in Bristol where Johnson was due to play in March has barred one person from entering after he boasted about his plan to profit on the tickets on Facebook.

Owners of the Fleece in Bristol responded by saying the customer will now not receive the tickets, and accused him of "cashing in on cancer".

Owner of the Fleece, Chris Sharp, said the individual has since contacted the venue and apologised.

Sharp told This is Bristol: "This guy was obviously someone who didn't really know what he was doing, he said he had never done it before and I think he has learnt his lesson."

The petition is available to sign here: