Rumour mills are in over drive about the possible return of the Undertaker to WWE. The news comes after the Deadman was reportedly pictured with Shane McMahon at a bar on Monday (15 August) in Texas.

Speculations were rife as the wrestler sported black dyed hair, which he usually does before a fight. And with SummerSlam scheduled for 21 August in Brooklyn, it seems like fans may after all get to see the wrestler in action soon.

Meanwhile, the wrestler's wife Michelle McCool posted a photo of Smackdown talent names with the caption #BlueBrand heart that fans believe are a teaser to the Deadman's return to the Blue Team. The photo was posted after McCool and her daughters attended Smackdown Live at Austin, Texas, on 16 August.

When wrestlers were picked for the brand split, Undertaker was one of the biggest names to be left out. But, the WWE star later came out of a list of top 10 free agents in the market that the Blue Team and Red Team could battle for in the near future. The top three free agents were The Rock, Undertaker and Nikki Bella among others.

The Deadman's last fight was against Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania 32 in April.

The Undertaker
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