In a visit to a Syria Refugee camp in Jordan today, British Foreign Minister William Hague condemned the 'barbarity' of Assad's regime.

Since the uprising some 140,000 people have sought shelter in Jordan and this morning Hague went on a walkabout in the Ramtha Centre in the north of the country.

According to UNICEF people arrive at the Bashabsha transit with a bag on their back and little else so the organisation give people support by providing safe water and medical help as well as a safe place for children to play.

William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary said "Well it is terrible to hear the accounts of what has been happening from people here, many of them have come from close by over the border, from Deraa for instance. There are accounts of bombardment from the air, the use of every kind of heavy weaponry against the civilian population. It is what we have come to know from news reports, from reports coming out of Syria. The sheer barbarity and criminality of the Assad regime is fully on display when you listen to the people here."

A spokesperson for the UN's refugee agency, the UNHCR said in Switzerland today said that the number of refugees registered with or being looked after by them across Iraq, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon has almost tripled since April to 112,000. 75% of them are women and children and the actual number is thought to be higher than that.