The World Surf League released a dramatic set of pictures on 29 March announcing the nominees for the TAG Heuer Wipeout Of The Year award. The video features the talents of surfers from all over the world, including Matt Becker, Tom Dosland, Garrett McNamara (all from the United States), Pedro Calado from Brazil and Niccolo Porcella from Italy.

The TAG Heuer Wipeout Of The Year award is part of the Big Wave Awards 2016, which aims to honour the top 10 men and women in surfing over the previous 12 months. Surfers can win up to $250,000 (£177,328) in prize money from the various categories, including the Ride of the Year, Biggest Wave and the Paddle award.

The winners will be crowned at a ceremony at the Grove Theatre in Anaheim, California on 23 April.