A woman managed to save a 16-year-old girl from a sexual predator by pelting stones at him. The man had attacked the girl at a car park in Maidstone, Kent when the woman named Theresa Locke, rushed to help the girl.

The teenage girl was waiting for a taxi when Oluwaseun Oseni attacked her last year in August. He had grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against some shutters before dragging her to the car park.

The Maidstone Crown Court heard that Locke was working in the taxi office when she heard the girl's screams and rushed to help her. But Oseni hit her in the face, breaking her glasses and leaving her with a black eye.

She did not give up trying and started to hurl stones and whatever she could get her hands on to stop the man from sexually assaulting the girl. He had the girl pinned down to the ground when Locke started hitting him with rocks and stones.

She continued screaming as she pelted stones at him so they could get some help. Several people then rushed to help the duo and took the girl inside the taxi office. The drunk man still did not stop and ran to the front of the building and banged aggressively on the window while police were being called to the scene.

Later, the police found him slumped on a bench "unconscious, snotty and dribbling." He was charged with sexual assault and two counts of actual bodily harm, per a report in The Mirror.

He has now been jailed for three years by the court. Judge Robert Lazarus thanked Locke for showing "great bravery" and the victim "for her strength and resilience."

"There have been so many reports of late where women and girls feel they are not safe out at night on their own. This will not do," he said.

"This court endlessly sees day after day what people do under intoxication... and this is not what we see as a result of intoxication. This is done by a person with a propensity to commit sexual violence against women and is misogynistic in the extreme," he added.

Maidstone Crown Court
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