Kent Police
A waitress is commended at the Kent Police awards ceremony after saving her friend's life above the busy A28 dual carriageway near Canterbury, Kent. Wikimedia

A waitress has been praised by Kent Police after she saved her friend's life by clinging onto her hair.

Bethany Hornsby initially tried to stop her friend by grabbing her by her arm, however she lost the grip and her friend jumped towards the busy A28 dual carriageway near Canterbury, Kent.

As her friend dangled in the air above the road, Hornsby's last hope was clinging onto her hair till more help arrived.

After seeing the drama unfold on CCTV, dog handler PC Paul Donovan came to the rescue and pulled Hornsby's friend to safety.

Hornsby's act of bravery was celebrated last year in June at the Kent Police awards ceremony held at the Canterbury Cathedral.

Hornsby and Donovan were both commended with the Chief Constable's Commendations for outstanding commitment and dedication to public duty, reported The Telegraph.

During the ceremony, Hornsby revealed the turn of events as they happened on the evening of 24 June.

Fearing for her friend's life after realising that she might harm herself, Hornsby said she found her friend ready to jump at the footbridge.

After failing to grab her arm, Hornsby said Donovan was the lifesaver who eventually rushed to help in time and pulled her friend over the railings.

Hornsby's friend was restrained and has since received the "appropriate medical treatment" to prevent a repeat incident.