Late WWE star Chyna reportedly made her final phone call to her friend and filmmaker Erik Angra just two days before she died of a drug overdose. Her body was discovered inside her home in Redondo Beach, California, on 20 April 2016. She was 46 years old.

According to documents obtained by Daily Mail, the New York-born wrestler - whose real name was Joan Marie Laurer - spoke about admitting herself in a rehab facility in Malibu in a rambling message that was recorded on Angra's voicemail for four minutes.
Chyna first asked whether Angra was unwell and needed anything.

She then said she was "doing well" and told him that "it is a beautiful day outside". "By the way, you're welcome to come here and crash on the sofa and enjoy the view and just shut the f**k up [laughs]."

"It's a five-dollar milkshake machine. Anyway, all the sailboats are out today, it's a beautiful view out today. I can see the sea," Chyna said. "I am doing much better now. I've finally got an appointment with a doctor next week."

Chyna then revealed her intentions about admitting herself in a rehab facility.

"I'm going to go into rehab right up the street in Malibu. They won't pick me up from the Trenton, New Jersey facility," Chyna said.

"I go for two weeks, drink cucumber juice and whatever. Swim around, walk and get clearance. I can get therapy done the right way and get clearance to do the movies that are all set up."

Chyna and Angra first met in June 2015, and were in the process of making a documentary - Wrestling With Chyna.

Chyna, the first female wrestler to compete with men, exploded into the pro-wrestling scene in 1997 when she appeared at WWF (now known as the WWE) and was billed "the ninth wonder of the world". She will best be remembered as one of the members of D-Generation X alongside Shawn Michaels and Triple H.