Kurt Angle thinks one of the reasons behind him being inducted into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame is social media. The Olympic gold medallist said that with social media the WWE universe has a platform to have a "bigger voice" and "semi-control what's going on" in the wrestling entertainment company.

Angle, in an interview with Forbes, said the company "can't ignore" the wishes of the fans when at a time they have been consistently raising their voice to see him have a final WWE run.

"I believe that social media has made it much easier for the fans to semi-control what's going on. When somebody's in high demand, after a while, WWE can't ignore it," Angle, who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame a night before WrestleMaina 33, told Forbes.

The 48-year-old wrestler also pointed out that it was because of social media that Daniel Bryan's WWE return was made possible as SmackDown Live general manager after suffering from a serious neck injury that ended his active wrestler career.

"Daniel Bryan is a great example. So, I think that social media has given the fans a bigger voice and it's gotten to the point where companies can't ignore it anymore. If you're hot, you're hot. I believe maybe social media maybe had a little bit to do with me being able to come back to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. A lot of fans want to see Kurt Angle, one last run in the WWE and it's become so consistent, it's crazy and I'm actually in shock at how much support I get on social media."

The fans have been waiting for a long time to see the former WWE star compete in the WWE since he left the WWE in 2006. Now a report claims that Angle could fight in the WWE if he passes a physical.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan as of now is "for Angle to do at least some wrestling in WWE". However, it is not known as to how many matches or appearances the wrestler will make in the WWE.

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