Kurt Angle's wrestling days in WWE are not done yet. After been vocal in the recent past about having a final fight in the WWE, it seems like the Olympic gold medallist's prayers have been answered.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan as of now is "for Angle to do at least some wrestling in WWE". However, it not known as to how many matches or appearances the wrestler will make in the WWE.

According to the report, there is also a condition that Angle must fulfill for him to start wrestling at the WWE – he will have to pass a physical.

If Angle passes the physical, he could choose his opponents for his fights, given that he is a big draw, a returning WWE champion and soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer.

Angle could choose to fight AJ Styles - who made his WWE debut at Royal Rumble 2016 - as he has mentioned that The Phenomenal One is currently the best wrestler.

Angle, in a recent interview with ProWrestlingStories, praised Styles as he pointed out that the latter has always managed to have "five-star match". "He is frickin'," he said.

Angle also noted the one thing that makes working with Styles "cool". He said it is "so easy to work" with Styles as the latter "does all the work" in the ring.

"That's what's so cool about it. You know it's going to be a five-star match if he matches your ability. I'm talking the Ambrose's and the Rollins', the John Cena's and Kurt Angle's. As long as you're up there with him, you're going to have that type of match with AJ because he is so easy to work with," the 47-year-old wrestler, who quit the wrestling entertainment company in 2006, said.

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