Christopher Maloney
The Liverpudlian has been reportedly warned about his diva behaviour after he shouted at a X Factor staff member.

X Factor contestant Christopher Maloney is reportedly in hot water with show bosses after having a diva-style tantrum.

The 34-year-old scouse, who is mentored by Gary Barlow, is said to have been blasted by execs following a showdown with a member of staff, the Sun Reports.

He was apparently told to watch his step after throwing his weight around behind the scenes of the ITV show and shouting at a researcher.

A show source said: "Christopher is not making many friends.

"He was out of line with a researcher and he's been warned by top brass that he needs to wind his neck in or he'll get the shove."

The news comes as rumours continue to circulate that the former cruise ship singer has begun to annoy his fellow wannabes with his over-the-top displays of nerves.

During a recent interview, Maloney was forced to deny claims that he faked his nerves for his audition earlier this year.

He told " It's just negative, and it's hurtful, for my family as well. It's part and parcel of [the X Factor] but I've still got feelings, and it is hurtful.

"I'm still nervous now, and I just feel like my confidence is being knocked all the time."