The Atlantic - via Kashmir Hill - posted this chart Monday, neatly tying together the strands of an argument we have become well-versed in: self-censorship is key to landing a job in today's depressed market.

The chart - compiled from a survey of employers conducted by Reppler - shows that 69 per cent of employers would have no hesitation in rejecting a candidate based on what they saw about them on a social networking site.

Reppler, which helpfully offers a tool for removing damaging material from your social networking account, found that a whopping 91 per cent of hiring companies used Facebook and Twitter to screen applicants.

Surprisingly, the most common turn-off for employers was not photos of the applicant drinking, taking drugs or topless but lying about their qualifications.

A timely reminder as to why you should take care to remove those quasi-legal religious ceremonies and illicit parties from your Facebook Timeline.