Another 1200 soldiers are being brought in to protect all the UK Olympic venues, in light of the failure by G4S to come up with the numbers of security staff they were contracted to deliver for London 2012.

With 3 days to go, last night's Opening Ceremony was rehearsed with everyone attending pretty much staying tight-lipped over what they saw, other than telling ITV News that it was 'spectacular'. The extra troops mean that there'll now be around 18,200 military personnel involved in helping to 'police' the games in some way or another. The Cabinet Office said the additional deployment was to be used because ministers were clear that "we should leave nothing to chance".

Meanwhile Princess Anne and FIFA President Sepp Blatter are among the delegates of the International Olympic Committee meeting which has gathered in London ahead of Friday. President Jacques Rogge said the organisation's finances are very healthy. Their reserves have trebled since 2001 and broadcasting rights revenue for the Games between 2014 and 2016 will top $4 billion (that's £2.57bn). And brands all want to be a part of the experience too. The IOC is expecting revenue from its top sponsors for 2013 – 2016 to top $1bn for the first time ever.

Resentment over the influence of sponsorship is being felt keenly in the Bethnal Green area of London. A protest poster by a group calling themselves 'Brandalism' went up to highlight the frustration being felt by many. £80 fines are being dished out to local traders by people they call 'brand police' for unauthorised use of the word Olympics and the logo.