15 officers were injured, three seriously after Police tried to break up trouble between loyalists and republicans in the north Belfast area last night . The Loyalists had gathered in Denmark Street and the republicans on the Antrim Road and were attacked police with Petrol bombs, bricks, stones and fireworks. A van was also hijacked and pushed into police lines

This is the second incident in North Belfast, as Sunday night saw 47 police injured after 350 loyalists rioted following a republican parade in the Carlisle Circus area.

The Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford in response to Sunday's incident said it was too early to say whether the violence had been orchestrated. But what was clear, was that there was a major difficulty with a number of people who obviously set out to cause trouble, as a result of which 47 officers were injured,"

The chairman of the Northern Ireland Police Federation, Terry Spence, paid tribute to the officers on the front line saying "Their bravery and courage is in stark contrast to that of the cowardly thugs responsible for trying to murder them,"

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