Here's a salutary tale about keeping your eye on your kids! A 3-year-old Columbian boy's been rescued from the depths of a sewer in his hometown, after he went missing while playing out.

Here is – Jeampier Silvera Arteta - looking extremely frightened and cold. Struggling to hold onto a pipe for fear of being dragged away by the rushing waters in this drain in Barranquilla, using all his might keep his head above water. Police say he'd been reported missing by his folks the day before.

The head of the Search & Rescue Team spoke of his relief "It was an intense search. Thank God we found the boy in one of the sweeps of the area. We had already searched the sewers the first time and we hadn't found him. Thank God the second time we searched, the boy was there. He was close to being swept into a hole in the sewer"

Naturally distraught she then jumps into the ambulance with him to head for hospital, so he could be properly checked out. Remarkable that - when he was out playing on a sand-covered building site with his two brothers the day before - the boys didn't even notice that Jeampier fell down the hole. It's surely a case of Mum not letting her son out of her sight again for a very long time!