Mexico's been rattled again by an earthquake: the third in less than a month - and this time it measured 6.9 on the Richter scale.

The quake - which according to the US Geological Survey struck 65km underground in the western state of Michoachan - shook buildings in the capital Mexico City, forcing office workers to carry out the regime they know well - evacuating the building as fast as possible.

Office work Carlos Ugalde said "Well I'm all the way on the 23rd floor, and you really feel it. It looks like it was higher than a 6 (magnitude) from what I hear so far, but all the way up there you really feel it."

The city mayor tweeted that there were no initial signs of major or serious damage and that it was business as usual for all key services across the capital (like the subway and the international airport) At the moment there are no reports of major damage.

Meanwhile British travellers in Thailand are suffering the after effects from the Indonesian earthquake yesterday. Thai Airways suspended all flights in the light of the tsunami warning which was issued after the 8.7 quake and 8.2 aftershock hit off the Aceh Province. The threat's been downgraded and all flights have been resumed but the backlog will take some time to clear.