If Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson had thrown a boot like this at David Beckham back in 2003, the graze would have definitely needed stitches.

The launch of the Predator Lethal Zones boot on the 1st of May showed yet another chapter in the technology of footwear for the beautiful game.

And with Tom Cleverley, Luis Nani and Eden Dzeko the first to receive a pair, the trio will no doubt be looking slicker than ever as Manchester United and Manchester City face off in one of the toughest title fights in the history of the Premier League.

Nani told reporters at the launch: "I've been involved in the design process for the boot and I'm excited to see the final product.

The United winger added: "The boots are light, comfortable and help me with ball control whether I'm passing, shooting or dribbling."

The Predator Lethal Zones are yet another of Adidas's specifically designed shoes for football, with the market for boots more competitive than ever as professional players look for footwear that can enhance their skills on the pitch as much as possible.

And Adidas were pulling out all the stops to show that their product is the best on the market, with Robin van Persie joining the United and City stars in endorsing the new product.

"It's great that they [Adidas] listen to us carefully, as we know it should be and how it should feel, and their expertise does the rest," he said.

Check out the pics of the new boot below.