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AI Accelerator Institute
This summit transcends C-Suite silos, uniting visionaries like the emerging Chief AI Officer and the established Chief Data Officer. IBTimes UK/Generative AI Summit

Exciting news for engineers, developers and AI enthusiasts! The AI Accelerator Institute is back with the fifth edition of AI San Jose.

Delve into four distinct summits, each meticulously designed for specific domains within AI, ML and LLMs. These tailored events aim to propel the industry forward, fostering growth in alignment with the observed trends and advancements.

The events will take place on April 16 & 17 at the San Jose Marriott. For a comprehensive overview of tickets, topics and a look into testimonials, you can request a brochure here.

The low-down on each summit...

Computer Vision Summit | April 16 & 17

Computer Vision Summit will seamlessly connect research and practical application, delving deep into the field's outstanding engineering progress.

Explore applied computer vision's cutting-edge advancements, covering areas such as synthetic data, real-time latency challenges and the role of transformers in reshaping computer vision.

Acquire a comprehensive grasp of recent breakthroughs shared by fellow end-users, understanding their practical implications across various industries.

Take your seat alongside ML, DL, and NLP engineers, researchers and data scientists, as the Valley's biggest players assemble for two days dedicated to accelerating the most advanced generative systems to production.

Explore novel GAN and VAE architectures, transfer learning techniques and hardware acceleration challenges to enhance the efficiency of training and inferencing for large-scale generative models.

AICXO Summit | April 16

This summit transcends C-Suite silos, uniting visionaries like the emerging Chief AI Officer and the established Chief Data Officer. Our focus? Forging strategic partnerships to refine AI initiatives and navigate scaling hurdles.

Close collaboration empowers organisations to expand AI and unlock maximum business value responsibly. But achieving this harmony requires careful orchestration: defining clear roles, nurturing cross-functional synergies, celebrating early wins and seamlessly integrating data as the AI melody unfolds.

This summit isn't a spectator event; it's a collaborative workshop where we co-compose the future of AI.

AI Accelerator Summit | April 17

Enhance your applications with the latest in AI technology, combining advanced AI capabilities with efficient and cost-effective hardware solutions.

Navigate the evolving landscape of computing in the tech industry, where the demand for computational power is rapidly increasing in tandem with continuous innovation.

Dive into the latest advancements in hardware acceleration, ranging from specialised processing units to high-bandwidth interconnects. Optimise your infrastructure to support compute-intensive generative models and stay at the forefront of hardware progress.

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