AI generated woman
The world's first beauty pageant for AI women is announced. Pixabay

The world's first beauty competition for AI, called Miss AI, has been unveiled. In this contest, computer-generated women will compete to be crowned the world's first digital Miss World and win a prize of £16,0000 ($20,0000).

With their flawless features and figures, these contestants could make Miss World participants seem ordinary. However, a closer look reveals a surprising truth: none are genuine.

AI might wait to conjure beauty, poise, and classical pageantry images. However, contestants in the groundbreaking AI beauty pageant will require these qualities in abundance to secure their portion of the £16,000 ($20,000) prize pool.

In the Fanvue Miss AI pageant, computer-designed contestants will go toe-to-toe in front of a panel of judges that comprises two AI influencers - Emily Pellegrini and Aitana Lopez.

Notably, Fanvue, the platform hosting this unique pageant (which offers some virtual models with adult content as part of a subscription service), is a partner of WAICA. This partnership adds another layer to the competition.

Miss AI: The Evaluation Process

These virtual entrants will be evaluated based on their aesthetics, online presence, and the skill demonstrated by their creators in utilising AI tools. Here's what the judges are looking for:

Beauty: Following the tradition of pageantry, contestants will be assessed on their aesthetics, composure, and the originality of their responses to thought-provoking questions, such as "If you could have one dream to make the world a better place, what would it be?"

Tech: The AI models will be based on their proficiency in using AI tools to create digital marvels. This evaluation includes prompts' effectiveness, resulting outputs, and intricate details they achieve in hands, eyes, and backgrounds.

Social Clout: The competition will also consider the AI model's social media presence and take factors like fan engagement, audience growth rate, and their adeptness at leveraging other platforms like Instagram into account, according to the announcement on the official WAICA website.

How To Enter Miss AI compettion

The entry process is refreshingly simple. Contestants must submit an AI-generated portrait of a woman and respond thoughtfully to questions. The questionnaire incorporates classic pageant fare, like "What dream would you pursue to make the world a better place?" alongside inquiries that delve into the specifics of the AI employed for creation.

Fanvue, the pageant organiser, anticipates a massive turnout with thousands of entries. This vast pool will be gradually narrowed down to a select group of ten finalists, with the top three ultimately revealed during a virtual award ceremony scheduled for May.

A distinguished panel of four judges, experts in pageantry, marketing, and modelling, will determine the rankings. However, in a groundbreaking twist, some of the judges will be AI creations.

Fanvue co-founder Will Monanage envisions these events evolving into the "Oscars" of the AI creator industry. However, this might pose an even more significant challenge for human social media influencers, who are already grappling with the growing influence of AI-powered personalities on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Nevertheless, the future of AI's role in such competitions is bright. Tech titans like Meta and OpenAI constantly refine AI capabilities, bringing them closer to replicating human thought processes. If these efforts come to fruition, they could significantly advance how AI contestants are created and judged.