ai and big data expo

AI and Big Data Expo North America is thrilled to announce our event's detailed agenda, set to take place on 5-6 June at the Santa Clara Convention Center. This two-day conference will delve into the latest Artificial Intelligence and Big Data advancements, featuring expert speakers, thought-provoking panel discussions and a packed expo floor.

Day 1 of the event will kick off on the "Gen AI & Data Science" stage with a series of engaging sessions to explore the transformative potential of AI and Data Science across various industries.

Attendees can expect deep dives into next-gen AI capabilities, workforce augmentation, machine learning algorithms and real-world case studies showcasing the impact of data-driven decision-making.

On the same day, the "Unleashing the Power of Data for All, stage will emphasise democratising access to data and empowering individuals and organisations to harness its full potential.

From data literacy initiatives to inclusive data governance frameworks, our speakers will share insights on fostering a data-driven culture for all. Data utilisation, people, processes, technology, data-driven decision-making, strategic decision-making, and intelligent data governance frameworks will all be covered.

Moving on to Day 2, June 6, the spotlight will shift to "Safe, Secure and Responsible Data & AI," this track will address the critical importance of ethics, privacy, and security in the era of Big Data and AI.

Through interactive panels and expert-led sessions, attendees will gain practical strategies for ensuring responsible AI deployment and safeguarding sensitive data assets.

The Day 2 agenda, on the second stage, will cover "Gen AI & MLOps for the Optimized Enterprise," focusing on integrating AI models into operational workflows and the emerging field of MLOps.

Participants will learn best practices for building scalable AI pipelines, optimising model performance, and driving innovation across their organisations. Session topics include Advanced AI Enterprise Integration, Mastering AI growth and MLOps Excellence in Practice.

Speaker companies include experts from Walmart, Visa, Capital One, Verizon, Thomson Reuters, BP, Wells Fargo and many more!

"We are excited to present a comprehensive agenda that covers key topics shaping the future of AI and Big Data," said Michael Hughes, Senior Conference Producer at TechEx events.

"With an impressive lineup of speakers and thought-provoking discussions, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to drive success in their AI and data initiatives."

AI and Big Data Expo invites professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts from all sectors to join us for this immersive two-day event. Take advantage of this opportunity to network with industry leaders, expand your knowledge, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving fields of AI and Big Data.

Paid ticket holders will get access to:

• All AI stages, including paid tracks

• VIP networking party on the evening of Day 1

• Access to the networking app two weeks before the event

• Access to multiple networking areas

• Access to the collocated Digital Transformation Week stages

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