The Spice Girls reunion is one step closer to becoming a reality after all five members of the 90s girl reportedly had their first meeting in six years.

According to The Sun LA-based Mel B jetted into London for a secret meeting with Victoria Beckham, 43, Emma Bunton, 42, Mel C, 44, and Geri Horner, 45, on Thursday (1 February) to discuss a range of projects including a new compilation album and aTV talent show that could see them pocket £10m each.

Beckham, who has reinvented herself as a fashion designer, has reportedly agreed to complete the line-up on one condition: she doesn't have to sing.

"This is the pop reunion no one thought would ever happen again. But after a long period of negotiation Victoria agreed the time is right to work on new projects this year," a source told the site.

"It's very exciting because she has always been adamant she wouldn't go back."

The last time Posh, Ginger, Sporty, Baby and Scary Spice performed together was when they brought the curtains down at the Olympics by taking to the stage at London 2012 closing ceremony. The five-minute show bathed viewers in so much nostalgia that even hard-faced trolls couldn't help shouting 'Zig-a-zig-ah' like they were auditioning to be a sixth member.

If the reports are to believed that it's not only Beckham who has had a change of heart. In August 2016 Mel C penned a letter for Love magazine explaining that something didn't feel quite right about a reunion.

"Is it a new rule that bands have to reform? Why can't we just be remembered for our incredible achievements in the nineties?" she pondered.

During a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain, Halliwell hinted that they may still be dealing with a clash of personalities.

"Last year, I so wanted it to happen because of the anniversary, a few of us were really pushing for it to happen and then it didn't. So I sort of let it go a little bit. I love the girls and I'm really grateful to the fans and the music,"

"Yeah, to get five people to agree all at the same time, even if you've got five really nice people, to say you all like the same colour, it's hard," she told hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard.