Billionaire and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos says his team has found the F-1 engines of rockets that launched the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in the Atlantic Ocean and plans to raise them.

Nasa's Saturn V rocket plunged into the water moments after it launched the Apollo 11 mission that carried astronomers Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on their first voyage to the moon in 1969. The engines have remained in the ocean for more than four decades.

A team went on an undersea expedition and using state-of-the-art deep sea sonar found the Apollo 11 engines lying below 14,000 feet below the surface, Bezos wrote on his website Bezos Expeditions.

"We don't know yet what condition these engines might be in - they hit the ocean at high velocity and have been in salt water for more than 40 years. On the other hand, they're made of tough stuff, so we'll see," he said.

He also said that although the rockets were lying in the Atlantic for a long time, the property belongs to Nasa.

Bezos expressed hope that Nasa would consider displaying the engines in museums.

Nasa expressed excitement about the find. The space agency said it had not been formally contacted by Bezos and was waiting for further information, reported the Associated Press.

"There has always been great interest in artefacts from the early days of space exploration and his announcement only adds to the enthusiasm of those interested in Nasa's history," AP quoted Nasa spokesman Bob Jacobs as saying in a statement.

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