Best 3 Tips to Speed Up Your Android Smartphone Flickr

People would love to buy the Android smartphones and indeed one would expect the best performance too. At times, one may also feel that one's smartphones are getting older or sluggish.

Check out the tips to speed up your Android smartphone

[1] Increase the speed

Android devices have internal space and the SD card which is used by the user to store the apps, photos and music. The user can delete the unused apps from the internal storage and could move the required apps to one's SD card. Probably, it could free up the space and speed up the smartphone. It can be done by following these steps:

Settings>Applications>Manage Applications. One must choose an app, and tap the "Move to SD card" button.

[2] Clean the case

The user should clean up the inside of the device. Possibly, the dirt easily gets into the cases of smartphones. Hence, cleaning up of the case could speed up the smartphones.

[3] New Launchers

If you feel that your smartphone is getting older, then the best way to speed up the device is to try new home launchers. If the Android is rooted then one can overclock it or install the custom ROMs.