Andy Serkis says Harrison Ford is a "trouper"
Andy Serkis says Harrison Ford is a "trouper." Reuters

Andy Serkis has praised Harrison Ford as a tough "trouper."

The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes star is appearing alongside the big screen veteran in Star Wars Episode VII and he described him as a tough man after fracturing his leg during a recent shoot.

Asked if he saw the incident, Andy said: "No, I didn't. Poor guy. But apparently he's been - pardon the pun - a real trouper."

"He wants to get back on set as quickly as possible and get on with it."

Harrison was injured while filming the latest instalment of the space saga after he hurt his leg on the door of the Millennium Falcon spaceship - which means fans can expect a sturdy machine in line with the original production.

He told the Independent on Sunday newspaper's New Review magazine: "That's the one thing that's possibly safe to say - film's director, JJ Abrams is absolutely, 100 per cent honouring the original three movies.

"It's filled with the love and sensibility of those films."

While Harrison has already been confirmed as reprising his role as rogue smuggler Han Solo in the first instalment of the new trilogy, Andy is having to remain tight-lipped about what part he'll be playing.

However, asked if he was going to be related to fan-favourite bounty hunter Boba Fett, he admitted: "I can probably safely safe that I'm not related to Boba Fett."