A suicide bomb outside the US embassy in the Turkish capital of Ankara has killed the bomber and a security guard.

Sky News has reported that the bomber's device went off as he was going through an X-ray machine at a security gatehouse. The explosion took place whilst negotiations between the government and the Kurdish workers party were on-going, near the visa building of the embassy. The US ambassador Francis Ricciardone told reporters that a guard at the gate was killed and that a Turkish citizen was also wounded. He offered his condolences to the guard who lost his life in the attack.

"Right now we are all dealing with our sadness at the loss of our fellow member of our embassy. We salute his bravery, his service to Turkey and to Turkey-American friendship. Our hearts go out to his family."

According to Turkey's interior minister Muammer Guler, the attack was orchestrated by a militant connected to a far-left group in the country.

The US state department have said they are working closely with the Turkish national police to make a full assessment of the damage and the casualties, and to begin an investigation

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner