Apple is said to be enhancing iCloud with new web apps that are similar to those in iOS and OS X Mountain Lion.

Apple to improve iCloud with latest web apps. Image Credit: Apple Apple

Apple Insider reports that the company has been upgrading five web apps in its online iCloud portfolio. Apple is expected to launch iOS 6 at its media event at the Yerba Buena Centre for Arts in San Francisco on 12 September.

According to Apple Insider, the latest Reminders web app will provide a cloud-based version of events synchronised with iOS smartphones and Macs. The iCloud Notes on the web will reportedly reflect the stitched leather binding of its iOS counterpart.

In addition to these new apps, users could expect minor updates in iCloud Mail and Calendar. Mail provides support for VIP inbox that made its debut in Mountain Lion's Mail in July. It will utilise the iOS style scroll bars which look "skinnier and translucent", while the Calendar app will continue using standard scroll bars including a "full gutter and arrow buttons."

The Reminders list has been removed in Calendar and the iCloud Contacts app holds back the bookmark control in order to access contact groups.

"Overall, the company's web strategy for iCloud seems very conservative, given that both Google and now Microsoft have made web versions of their office apps a prominent part of their software strategy," claims Apple Insider.

Apple has added a new "Lost Mode" to iCloud's web portfolio. In case the user's iOS device goes missing then he or she can click on Lost Mode and the app will ask the user to enter the phone number as well as a message. It then has the ability to lock the device and track the device whenever it moves. The new feature can report about changes in location via e-mail updates. It will reportedly draw every location on the map. The feature is said to be an improvement over the company's previous version of operating system.