iPhone 5 Advert
The advert written, directed and edited by Adam Sacks, takes on the same keynote theme used for most Apple products

A spoof advert mocking the highly anticipated iPhone 5 has gone viral.

The two-minute clip, which has already been viewed by millions, parodies Apple's product announcement videos by placing a fake company executive in front of a white background.

In the video, the phony executive, called Greg Mansfield, describes the revamped form factor of the smartphone, and the reasons behind the design changes included in the forthcoming iPhone 5.

According to Mansfield, we all use our iPhones for one reason: to take pictures of our food.

"People only use iPhones to take photos of their food. They're sad and alone so they use pictures of food to create the illusion of a fulfilling life," he says.

When the iPhone 5 is displayed, it is not the rumoured teardrop shape but a huge DSLR camera with a protruding lens, topped by an Apple logo.

Mansfield says that by focusing on the user's needs to take picture of their foods the new design will make it easier for users to create a sense of happiness and even an illusion of fun.

"These pictures look so good that nobody would ever imagine that you lie awake at night wondering why you can't feel happiness."

Apple has not commented on the spoof but fans have.

One commentator wrote: "Guess everybody knows someone with an iphone and how true this message is. ;-)"

Another said: "I died laughing when I saw that big ass camera! Lmao!"

The video was produced by Adam Sacks, a comedy blogger who has published a series of spoofs on YouTube. Sacks has no formal connection with Apple.

The actual next-generation iPhone is reportedly set to launch in September.