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Apple to Ditch Largest 17in MacBook Pro, While 13in And 15in Revamped MacBook Pro Could Go Quad-Core? Apple

Plenty of rumours about Apple's revamped MacBook Pro which could be launched sometime in May are swirling around the internet.

Along with the Ivy Bridge processor, tech fans are expecting a new MacBook Pro with a major redesign for 2012. According to All Voices, Steve Jobs' vision for the future MacBook Pro continues to progress.

The tech giant has purchased Anobit - an Israeli firm which manufactures solid state hard drives. The report suggests that Apple is stepping towards converting its collection of MacBook Pro's into in-house fabricated solid state hard drives.

According to EE Times, Apple bought Anobit Technologies for about $390 million (£242) with the deal signed on 6 January. Anobit Technologies has developed NAND flash memory controller technology which improves the number of reads and writes flash memory can perform without degrading.

Apple is one of the largest purchasers of NAND flash memory to incorporate in its devices inlcuding the iPhone, iPad and iPod nano, and the exclusive hold on Anobit could prove to be immensely fruitful for the company. Currently Apple has to depend on Samsung and Toshiba for its solid state drives for its MacBook Pro as well as MacBook Air models.

The solid state drive (SSD) technology lets the devices run faster and cooler as well as extending battery life. In addition, the technology is perfectly suited the latest ultra-thin MacBook Air models. "Apple founder Steve Jobs believed that ultra-thin, portable computers would one day be the ultimate design in laptops," elaborated All Voices. By getting hold of Anobit for in-house solid state drive production, the tech giant appears to follow Jobs' vision of creating the ultimate designed laptops.

Check out the latest anticipated features of the new MacBook Pro:


According to Apple Insider, the tech giant will employ new power management technology which will allow the devices to become more efficient and run longer on battery power. It was discovered that Apple posted job openings for a position entitled "Senior DC-DC Power System Design Engineer." The hired individual will become a part of the team who will find a new method to extend the battery life as well as implementing designs. In addition, the tasks will be to improve power metric performance optimisation by focusing on cost, power density, scalability and reduced carbon footprint. Probably, a long-lasting battery could be expected in the new MacBook Pro.


Apple's new iPad is the first Apple product to offer Long Term Evolution (LTE) which allows users faster download and streaming. According to Patently Apple, the tech giant has won a patent on its telephonic MacBook Pro. The patent is related to antenna diversity systems for portable devices. "One of the key devices presented in this patent is that of a MacBook Pro adopting wireless antennas relating to cellular bands which would provide users with an always on capability much like today's LTE-based iPad," elaborates Patently Apple. Hence, it suggests that LTE could make its debut in Apple's new MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro Perfume

New MacBook Pro users would enjoy fragrance while unpacking the new gadgets. According to No News, a Melbourne-based artist collaborative has developed a scent in association with the popular perfume maker, Air Aroma for an exhibition. The fragrance is a blend of fresh glue, plastic, rubber and aluminium. "The perfume with the smell of MacBook Pro unboxing will be something that can excite Apple fans and others," elaborated No News.

In addition, the new MacBook Pro is expected to come with a whopping resolution of 2,880 x 1,800 pixels with the Ivy Bridge processor which will provide 70 per cent better image quality when compared to Sandy Bridge chips. Probably, the patent suggests that Apple seems to be working on a surround sound system for MacBook-like devices. It could feature Siri voice control as well.

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