Arsene Wenger
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger Reuters

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger may receive his third UEFA touchline ban, inside of a year, for having a few angry words with referee Damir Skomina after Arsenal's Champions League match against AC Milan at the Emirates earlier this month, according to a Daily Mail report.

Reports say that Wenger swore at Skomina after the match and called him "a disgrace". The incident happened before a UEFA official and was also mentioned in Skomina's match report.

Wenger was charged with improper conduct and UEFA's disciplinary body will meet in Nyon, Switzerland, on Thursday to hear the case. Meanwhile, the Gunners boss thinks his actions were justified and believes he had good reasons for confronting the Slovenian offical.

Last year Wenger was given a one-match touchline ban for lashing out at referee Massimo Busacca after Arsenal's defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League. He was banned for another two matches for failing to respect the initial ban and communicating with the bench from the stands during the Champions League qualifier against Udinese.

If the Frenchman is found guilty, his recent disciplinary record will be taken into account before giving the verdict.