After the bombing yesterday at the ministry building in Damascus that killed two high ranking officials and injured many more of the government's inner circle. Questions are being asked over the whereabouts of President Bashar al- Assad, his wife and their three children? There has also been no response to the bombing from the Syrian strongman who has not been seen in public since the current phase of heavy fighting broke out on 15 July.

Meanwhile in amateur video obtained by Reuters, the chief of the Free Syria Army ABDEL JABAR ALAKAEDI, said rebels were proud of the bomber, who killed three of Assad's top military officials.

"I send my greetings to the heroes of the Free Syria Army who were able to hit the fortress of this criminal and target heads of this criminal regime. Thank God, and soon, God willing, we will hit him in Qasyoun. Soon we will be at the republican palace, because these heroes who were able to reach den of these criminals will reach, god willing to the den of this criminal Bashar."

In response to the bombing the White House spokesman Jay Carney said the situation seemed to be spinning out of control.

After the attack diplomacy moved into overdrive as countries spoke of the conflict entering a decisive phase. Which Washington fears will spill over into neighbouring states. The U.N. Security Council postponed a vote on a Syria resolution. After U.S. President Barack Obama spoke with Russia's Vladimir Putin, who has acted as Assad's main protector in the diplomatic arena.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter