When Ethan Walmark plays his keyboard, you are guaranteed to be amazed!

Walmark, a six year old autistic boy, has become an Internet sensation for being a piano virtuoso, with more than 400,000 views for his rendition American singer Billy Joel's "Piano Man".

The little boy looks confidently into the camera, singing out each verse and asking others to sing along: "Sing it together! Sing us a song!"

The performance is so captivating it has gained widespread appreciation.

"When Ethan sang, "they're sharing a drink they call ' loneliness', 'cause it's better than drinking alone", I choked up a little. People with autism know a loneliness we can't imagine, I'm sure. Thanks for the show, little man," Purrpussful commented on the video sharing site.

"This is why I Love and deeply appreciate the Art of Music. Not only is Music the Universal language, but it is also an Avenue for positive Expression. This video is a beautiful example of that, and I feel so good for Ethan as I see what an amazing way that he has found to express himself. Absolutley Awesome video! Thank You for sharing, and Inspiring others by doing so. God Bless," a user called tdblaisdell77 commented.

The young singer has 20 videos on YouTube of him performing hits including American country singer James Taylor's "Mockingbird" and in some clips, he plays along with his sibling too.

Walmark suffers from a form of autism that makes social interaction difficult but is blessed with a musical talent that doubles as a form of therapy, allowing him to express himself in a positive manner. The Walmark family is trying to gather funds from various sources to help children facing similar problems.

"We just want our son to be happy, whatever that means to him," Mike Walmark told the Wesport Patch in a 2011 interview, "It's not about us anymore. It's about him."

Check out the stunning performance of the young star!