Autistic Boy Tricked to Pour Human Waste for Ice Bucket Challenge, Drew Carey Announces Prize Money to Find the Culprit
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Horrified by an awful Ice Bucket Challenge abuse on an autistic teenage boy, actor and comedian Drew Carey has announced $10,000 for the one who finds the culprit.

An Ohio teenager boy with autism was lured to take the Ice Bucket Challenge by some unidentified boys who instead of ice, poured faeces, urine and cigarette butts on him.

The game show host was furious at the cruel prank on the boy with special needs and has advocated strict punishment once the boys are found by the police.

"WTF? Just saw this. Horrendous. These kids should be arrested and expelled," Carey tweeted about the horrific act.

The15-year-old autistic boy, a student of Bay Village High School, was tricked to take the ALS challenge but he was unaware of the fact that the bucket was filled with human waste, reported.

Drew Carey
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Meanwhile, the Bay police are in search for the suspects and are "working closely with the Bay Schools, analysing the device used to record the video, interviewing witnesses, determining exactly where and when this occurred and identifying those involved.

Preliminary information suggests this occurred prior to the start of the school year at a home in Bay Village," the website reported.

The unfortunate event has outraged locals and some graduate students held a rally in support of the boy and condemning the inhuman act.

The emotional story of the autistic boy has touched millions of hearts across the world and people expressed their anger on the culprits on Twitter.

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