Brendan Gold, from Unite union has announced that the strike action for the end of August has been called off after talks.

The union announced that it was recommending the offer of a pay rise to its members after what both parties described as 'difficult' but successful after both side wanted a settlement.

BAA which runs six airports across the country including Heathrow, Stansted, Glasgow and Southampton has narrowly avoided the airport closures which would have been as a result of a walkout including vital engineers, fireman and safety officers.

The rise of 1 pct after last year's pay freeze by BAA was not enough to satisfy them and strike action was balloted late last week announcing strikes to go ahead.

However after talks ongoing throughout the day, the two parties now say they have the "basis for a settlement" which quite clearly involves some kind of money on the table for workers.

Earlier in the day, Unite officers had spoken of a settlement before the end of the week for 1 or 2 pct more however details will not be disclosed before tomorrow's ballot on 'full acceptance'.