A United Arab Emirates player whose back heeled penalty in a friendly against Lebanon has become a viral internet success could be sanctioned, reports suggest.

Awana Diab's goal in U.A.E.'s 6-2 victory on Sunday has become an instant internet sensation.

Awana approaches the penalty in the normal manner before turning to hit the ball with his right heel past a wrong-footed goalkeeper. He trots away proudly while several Lebanese players are pictured gesticulating angrily at him.

He was shown a yellow card at the time and the U.A.E.'s team manager has hinted at a sanction against the player.

"We cannot accept anyone in our team who does not respect the opponent and does not respect the people who are working, or the supporters.

"There are many forms of punishment. We could send him away from the team. We could make him pay a fine."

Team coach Srecko Katanec was equally unimpressed, immediately substituting Awana, merely 10 minutes after sending him on.

"This is not respect, okay? I am unhappy. My reaction was normal: I took him out," he said.

Rashed added, "The player, he is very sorry. He said 'I did wrong. I made a mistake. Tell the team I'm sorry. I'm really; really sorry I did this thing'.

"In the end, he's young, but he has to know what are the good things and the bad things.

"I think he will learn from this moment. He's really, really upset and very worried. From when he was sitting with us today, he's blaming himself."

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