Great British Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain hit back at racist Twitter trolls after she was told to "go back" home, despite the fact that the star was born in London.

A twitter user attacked her saying that just because she chose to come to the UK doesn't make it your home and added, "Your home is where you ethnically & religiously belong." However, the 33-year-old television star replied saying, "Have you not realised by now, that saying 'go home' is just not working anymore."

She continued "Go home to where? I am home? If you want to spew hatred at least come up with something original I'm getting fed up of being told to go home! For the millionth time, I AM HOME!"

In a second tweet, the Muslim Chef took on a Twitter user who blamed her for "spread of Muslims into our countries" and called out their "dark age" ideologies. The hater wrote in a tweet, "My objection is to the spread of Muslims into our countries, your countries are large enough to accommodate you all, why aren't you going back there."

She replied saying, "When I wear my hijab and choose to practice my religion so outwardly, I don't do it as a form of promotion or encouragement. I'm not advertising it. I am just being me. With comments like yours, we need to question who's ideologies are in the dark ages! Certainly not mine."

Clapping back at hater who accused her of practising a "backward, woman-oppressing reason," Hussain had the perfect reply: "I, quite simply, practice peace. How can you know what my religion is? What experience do you have of Islam? Spend a one day with me and my family and promise you will choke on your own words! Who are you kidding ? But yourself ofcourse ...".

Amid all the hate, the television star had some support from fans and she replied to each of them. When one fan told her she shouldn't have to tolerate abuse online, she wrote "No I don't! But I'm Muslim, brown, working-class and a woman! I may as well have punching bag written on my torso. But I'm here, despite being told constantly I don't belong. I'm here to take one for the team."

Another fan apologised to her saying, " Sorry Nadiya that you have to deal with such ignorance." Hussain thanked them in replies. The cookbook author wrote, "This is the reason why people are afraid to speak about faith. Afraid to be proud. I am proud of my faith and what it gives me. I am always happy to answer questions and talk about it honestly. Thank you for being so kind"