The Flash
The Flash in Batman v Superman will reportedly look like the Injustice: Gods Among Us version of the character Warner Bros/ DC comics

While the latest trailer of Batman v Superman established the core trio of Ben Affleck's Batman, Henry Cavill's Superman and Gal Godot's Wonder Woman, fans are yet to see the other Justice League members – Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern suited up and in action. Will Dawn of Justice end with all the JL heroes coming together?

A new report from Latino Review has an update on that front. According to the site, Jason Momoa's Aquaman – who has been confirmed to feature in the film – will have a cameo appearance linked to Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). "Luthor ends up bringing him into the proceedings," the report states.

Fans hoping to see Ezra Miller's The Flash in action might return disappointed as it seems like the makers might chop off his cameo in the movie. LR claims that: "The Flash comes up for a brief moment (he's just a blur), but it's such a brief aside, you do see the actor in another scene just not in costume. But that might be cut from the movie entirely."

The spoiler report adds that Dawn of Justice will not feature the Green Lantern(s) at all, suggesting that the rebooted version of the DC hero might be seen directly in The Justice League Part 1.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is slated to release on 25 March, 2016. The film's star cast includes Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and Diane Lane as Martha Kent, among others.