Batman v Superman
Doomsday in Batman v Superman Warner Bros

Batman v Superman production designer Patrick Tatopoulos recently teased some very interesting details about the villain Doomsday's role in the film. First of all, he confirmed that the villain's appearance is, in no way, related to the Death Of Superman comic book storyline.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

"We are able to tell a story in a fresh way," Tatopoulos told French magazine Premiere. "Doomsday is an evolution essentially. Fans may be aware of the death of Superman story, but this is handled in such a new way." (via ComicBookMovie)

The production designer then went on to tease some pretty huge potential spoilers while talking about Doomsday's story arc in the movie even revealing a "larger threat" at play that will "surprise fans".

"When the film is called Batman v or versus Superman, it really has a lot of levels to the meaning. Superman isn't just killed off at the end of something. We see how he evolves as part of Lex's plan to protect the world. Seeing the Superman we know, be gone, and then replaced with this reproduction is really going to make fans think of how we look at these super beings. It was especially interesting to figure out, how would you create Superman from Zod... then how would that involve into Doomsday," he said.

Now what could the production designer mean by "...Seeing the Superman we know, be gone, and then replaced with this reproduction." According to Screenrant, "that makes it sound like at some point in the film, Kal-El is imprisoned (by Luthor?) while an impostor 'Superman' is unleashed on an unsuspecting public." Could it be an interpretation of Bizarro?

Tatopoulos added that "Doomsday isn't just the final act" and that there's a "larger threat" at play. "Those feeling they [fans] may know too much this early, are going to be in for a true surprise."