Recently-retired footballer David Beckham and actress Helen Mirren celebrated The Queen's 87th birthday in Shanghai on Wednesday (June 19).

Beckham was seen arriving at an event organised by the British Consulate in China's glamourous financial hub, where he posed with the British Consul-General to the city Brian Davidson.

Beckham is in China on his second trip this year after the country named him as its global football ambassador to promote the game and improve its image in in the world's most populous country.

Mirren won Oscar gold for her uncanny performance as the monarch in the 2006 film 'The Queen.' When asked what message she would like to give to the Queen, she said:

"Happy birthday your majesty is what I would say," she said.

"Well, you know as her reign becomes longer, we always say God save the Queen, long may she reign. And she has reigned now for a very, very long time. And we in Britain hope she will reign for, she won't rein for another 60 years, but you know it's remarkable that she has reined for 60 years and we want her to be our Queen as long as possible," she added.

Mirren said she had not expected to see one of the world's most recognisable footballers so far from home.

"It was a surprise to meet David Beckham. He was here and I didn't realize he was here. I'm here really for the Shanghai Film Festival. It was the fact that it was Queen's birthday and the fact that the embassy was celebrating, it was sort of coincidental. But I'm very happy and honoured to be here, and to be able to pay my respects," she said.

The Queen celebrated her birthday in London on Saturday (June 15).

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