Ivy Blue Carter, the reported name of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z's newborn, has been the hot topic of discussion on Twitter ever since the name popped out as Jay-Z's choice for his daughter.

Fans have started decoding the meaning of the baby's name with each one giving his or her own interpretation. Here they are:

"There's a meaning in Ivy Blue. IVy = a roman numeral for 4 which is Beyoncé's favorite number and BLUE for Jay-Z's Blueprint albums. Wow."

speedofwhite Ben White
"Ivy Blue means... Ivy=IV=roman numeral for 4 and Blue=Blueprint so.. Jay-Z is coming out with the Blueprint 4 or his kid WAS the Blueprint 4"

taylormans Taylor Marie
"I mean, jay-z's gotta name her after his blueprint albums.. RT @p_woww: Ivy blue carteeerrrr"

ATLien Michelle Brown
Since Jay-Z's daughter is IVY BLUE, @KanyeWest's first daughter will be named something like "African Violet" #markmywords

LPiddy Laurie
"Beyonce and Jay Z named their daughter Blue Ivy? That sounds like a villain or a drink. Either way, Congratulations!!!!!"

OmfgItsChefDolo DeeJay ChefDolo™
"Jay-z stole that name for his upcoming album"

BlueBishop_ E. Will
"A lot of people 4got Jay-Z favorite color is blue"

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