On her new website, songstress Beyonce posted an open letter to Michelle Obama expressing her admiration and sentiments towards the First Lady.

The 30-year-old singer posted a heartfelt handwritten letter addressed to First Lady Michelle Obama on her new website. She described the First Lady to be "the ultimate example of a truly strong African-American woman."

Among other things Beyonce also stated that she greatly admires Michelle's humble, loving and sincere nature despite all the pressure and stress brought about by being under a close watch of the public eye.

The mother to Blue Ivy also praised Mrs. Obama for managing the duties of being a mother, a wife and a First Lady. Mentioning about her beloved daughter cannot be missed. Beyonce said that she feels proud to have her daughter grow up in a world where she could have someone like Michelle to look up to.

The open letter is a follow up expression of her support after the fundraiser which the First Lady hosted together with Robert DeNiro. It was held last month at the Greenwich Hotel in New York.

Beyonce and Jay Z are prominent supporters of the Obama's. Beyonce has designed a shirt for the "Runway to Win" initiative which aims to raise funds for the Obama re-election. Last year, she also expressed her support by joining the First Lady in a "Let's Move" flash workout event.

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