"I want you to feel the love that's growing inside of me," Beyonce said with big smile on her face before her performance at 2011 MTV's VMAs Sunday.

While Beyonce surprised the world with her pregnancy news, her friend, singer Kelly Rowland knew it all along.

And Kelly, who also attended this year's VMA is as excited as the "Crazy in Love" hit maker.

"I think she'll be an incredible mother," K. Row says.

Twitter exploded with so much activity that Beyonce's pregnancy set a record.

"Last night at 10.35 pm, Beyonce's big MTV VMA moment gave Twitter a record bump: 8,868 Tweets per second," the company officials tweeted.

The mass amount of 140 character-long messages wasn't the only way the Grammy-winning artist took over Twitter, "Beyonce is pregnant" turned into a huge trending topic and many fans changed their Twitter profile pic to photos of the songstress.

"Beyonce's pregnancy stole the whole show [the VMAs]!!! They r so private n decided to share such a special moment! They won!" tweeted one fan.

Beyonce's record shattering antics doesnt stop there. Apparently Sunday night's VMAs had the highest ratings for the award show ever. According to Nielson Co, the audience was up 9 percent compared to last year's VMAs: 12.4 million viewers tuned in, making it MTV's most-watched telecast ever.

Ever since Beyonce and Jay-Z married in 2008 there have been years of pregnancy rumors -- all denied by the couple.

There is no word on the baby's gender or when it is due, but Beyonce has said that she wants a boy.