From Above
The girl group discovered by Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles have sparked outrage after sailing through to the X Factor boot camp FaceBook

A girl group managed by Beyoncé's father Matthew Knowles have provoked anger after making it to X Factor's boot camp

Rival groups are said to be livid that From Above, who have already signed a record deal and secured their own MTV reality show, were allowed to take part in the ITV singing completion.

The five-piece entered the talent show after Simon Cowell scraped the rules banning entrants who already had contracts.

Other acts are now worried that From Above's considerable experience in the industry will give them the upper hand in the competition - even though the show purports to unearth fresh, unproven acts.

A member of another bootcamp girl group told The Sun: "It's disgusting. The X Factor is supposed to be about discovering raw, new talent."

From Above were discovered in by Knowles in 2008. He said of them then: "They remind me of Destiny's Child."