Salman Khan celebrated Diwali with all the Bigg Boss contestants
Salman Khan celebrated Diwali with all the Bigg Boss contestants (Photo: Reuters)

Diwali Celebration in House; Salman Khan Supervises Nomination Procedure

Diwali day at the Bigg Boss house saw the contestants in relatively cheerful spirits as festive celebrations were the order of the day. The pleasant surprises for all Bigg Boss inmates included fireworks, gifts and even surprise guests.

In a very new and unusual move, host Salman Khan supervised the nominations asking each contestant to name two people who they would want safe. A series of some-surprising-some expected selection followed which included Sangram Singh to be nominated for the first time ever by house captain, Armaan. This decision did not go down too well with the wrestler.

Host of Celebrity Guests Visit House For Diwali

The next morning (Day 50) had comedian Bharti Singh visit the contestants with gifts for all from their respective families. This gesture led to some poignant moments among all the inmates.

But it was new contestant, Ajaz Khan who got extremely emotional after receiving pictures of his son. He was seen running toward the smoking room where he cried his heart out.

The other guests who entertained the contestants were characters from the popular show, Comedy Nights with Kapil, Dadi (Ali Asgar) and Palak (Kiku Sharda) . They came in and engaged in some fun and banter with all inmates. This was followed by a mesmerising performance by dancer Lauren Gottileb.

Surprise guests at the Bigg Boss house
Surprise guests at the Bigg Boss house (Photo: biggboss7/ facebook)

However, the light atmosphere in the house was short-lived as Armaan was seen resenting Tanisha's complaints and attitude towards Ajaz Khan. His annoyance and irritation on the issue was very evident as he advised Tanisha to not be 'oversweet'.

Glimpses of the next episode showed a massive showdown between volatile Armaan and the otherwise subdued Sangram.