Salman Khan supported Gauhar over the luxury budget task issue
Salman Khan supported Gauhar over the luxury budget task issue (Photo: ColorsTv.BiggBoss/facebook)

The weekend episode (16th November) of Bigg Boss with Salman Khan saw a better, unbiased side of the host as he questioned contestants about the week's happenings.

This time around, Khan seemed detached and acted more as a moderator helping the inmates to sort out their respective issues with each other.

In a step which is sure to earn him brownie points with the show's fans, he supported and backed Gauhar Khan's effort in the last luxury budget task, where she carried out the additional duty of cooking meals for others along with contributing diligently to the task.

While Gauhar stated this aspect very clearly, some of the other inmates including Armaan, Tanisha and Pratyusha disregarded it completely when the time came to choose the best performers of the task.

Salman Khan questioned their decision and spoke in Gauhar's favour which boosted her morale. Khan has been on the receiving end of brickbats from fans of the show who feel he is biased towards inmates Armaan and Tanisha and continuosly targets Gauhar for any stand that she takes.

Here are some of the earlier tweets on this issue from ardent Bigg Boss viewers:

"Salman Khan is incredibly unfair to Gauahar Khan"
"So sad to see Salman Khan taking sides for people like Tanishaa and Armaan",
"Salman Khan is acting like the PR consultant for Tanishaa Mukherji and Armaan Kohli"

However, post the weekend episode, it definitely seems like the host is making an effort to balance his act while not getting too emotionally involved.

The episode also saw inmate Pratyusha getting eliminated from the show. She was nominated along with Tanisha, Gauhar, Ajaz, Kamya. This development upset Kamya the most as she was closest to Pratyusha in the house and will now be left without her constant companion. It also further weakens the 'underdog' team of the house comprising Gauhar, Kamya and Ajaz.