Photos of bikini-clad fisherwoman has become the new internet sensation, with as many as 102,000 followers on Instagram. In her latest post that has gone viral, the 23-year-old Emily Riemer, a professional fisherwoman, poses with a monster sea fish that she said she caught.

The blonde also said she prefers to wear skimpy bikinis while battling huge tuna, sailfish and blue marlin in the Caribbean coastal area. Many of the fish fight her for up to 30 minutes at a time and weigh more than her own seven and a half stone. She even featured in official Miss January snap for the 2018 Spearfishing calendar.

Many fans have gone gaga over her slender figure and the monster fishes she catches. One user commented on one of the photos she posted with a huge fish recently saying, "That fish looks heavy as f**k, you must be strongg!!" Another wrote, "You're an amazing girl. Well done so much respect for you."

One confused user cheekily said, "Dunno what to look," as many others called her "absolutely gorgeous".

Riemer spoke to The Sun about her fishing experience and revealed why she prefers wearing a bikini when out to hunt. "Nothing gets my adrenaline rushing more than fighting a big fish then landing it successfully. I'm getting excited just talking about it," she said.

"I go fishing in bikinis not to look cute but because it is practical in the heat around Florida and the other places I fish. Posing with your catch is natural. I happen to do it in a bikini."

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In some of the snaps, the fisherwoman is seen splattered in blood next to her latest kill. Emily also spoke about the occasional criticism she has received for the amount of fish blood in some of the shots.

"If you gaff a fish there is going to be blood," she said. "And when you pose with a fish it should be natural and not cleaned up.

"In the heat of the moment, posing after a big catch, it doesn't make sense to clean up. It ruins the authenticity of the moment.

"I know some people might think it odd that I pose like this with the fish, but that's who I am. I am a practical girl who loves fishing and hunting. And everything I pose with, I have caught," she added.

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